Oro Gold 24K Collagen Renewal Serum

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Oro Gold 24K Collagen Renewal Serum will help restore the volume of the collagen protein that has been lost by the aging skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 24K Collagen Renewal Serum is formulated with 2 main Active Ingredients: 24 Karat Gold, and Oat Beta-Gluca. Beta glycan has the ability to stimulate collagen, defends against disease, and can also reduce the appearance of scars. In its long history, beta glycan has been proven many times to be completely safe for use by humans in skincare products and also has natural moisturizing and firming properties. What makes this ingredient so special in terms of anti-aging is due to its natural properties that allow it to be one of the most active ingredients when exposed to the skin. As we age, our skin cells start to slow down in activity, leading to the signs of aging appearing on our complexions. Middle age tends to render our skin immune cells helpless and almost completely inactive. This results in dull, slack skin. Because beta glycan is super active, introducing it to the skin and its layers can help stimulate more collagen product and reinvigorate the skins immune cells. This means layers of dead skin get removed quicker, making way for newer, youthful skin cells to take their place. The overall result is a more youthful complexion.
  • Penetrates right down to the deeper layers of the skin
  • Stimulates collagen growth to maintain and improve skin tone, firmness, flexibility, and elasticity
  • Assists in modulating the inflammatory response and is known for evening out pigmentation
  • Formulated with 2 main active ingredients: 24 Karat Gold and Oat Beta-Glucan
  • The overall result is a more youthful complexion
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