New Collagen Anti Aging Serum With Bio-Mimetic Peptides

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Advanced emulsion technology enables the development of this unique smooth and velvety texture. This preparation contains a high concentration of "micro-collagen " (MatrixylTM), effective moisturizing ingredients and allantoin for the renewal of the cells. This serum is non oily, absorbed immediately by the skin, and recommended to be used under any moisturizing or nourishing creams. Bio-mimetic peptides are small proteins consisting of several amino acids normally attached to a carrier molecule in order to improve skin penetration and bioavailability. These ingredients are used as active ingredients in cosmetic products lately due to the progress made in the field of biotechnology. When these peptides reach the tissue they take part in the communication between cells and may generate specific biochemical signals for processes such as collagen production and tissue repair.
  • Anti aging serum with effective moisturizing ingredients
  • Help with collagen production and tissue repair
  • Improves thickness and minimized wrinkles
  • Aids with depth, volume and density
  • Penetrates skin and improves bioavalability
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