Le Angelique Hot Lash Curling Iron

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Le Angelique Best Hot Lash Curler When you use an eyelash curler your lashes look longer, thicker and more beautiful. These results are even more apparent when you use a hot lash curler like this one from Le Angelique. This easy to use heated eye lash curler will help you to achieve beautifully curled eyelashes that will last all day in just minutes. It is a quick and easy way to give your eyes a little pick-me-up. It is difficult to know when a heated eyelash curler is ready to use with many models, but not with this one. It features temperature sensitive silicone pads that change color when the curler is ready to go. This helps you to achieve maximum results with your curler time and time again. Once you try this eyelash curler, you may agree that this is the best lash curler available. The Le Angelique Best Hot Curler will instantly transform your eyes in a few simple steps. Just turn on the curler and wait for it to heat. You will know it is ready when the silicone pads turn clear. Then place the curler over your eyelashes and press down. In just 15 seconds you are ready to switch eyes and repeat. Finally, turn off the curler and apply mascara. Your eyelashes will look longer, thicker and healthier. This eyelash curler from Le Angelique is ready to take your eyelashes from boring to beautiful.
  • Breakthrough in curling eyelashes, Temperature sensitive silicon...
  • Temperature sensitive silicon pad changes color when it is ready to use.
  • Comes in black and pink
  • truly an advanced product created especially for men.
  • gently cleans all skin types
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