Le Angelique Hair Serum Shine Treatment

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Blow drying, curling and straightening your hair can take its toll. Hair can quickly become dry, dull and unmanageable. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to protect your hair while heat styling. This Le Angelique Hair Serum shine treatment is a great way to keep your hair looking its best, even if you use curling irons or straighteners daily. This specially formulated hair serum will help your hair to look vibrant and healthy without adding oily residue or build up to your hair or scalp. It can be applied to wet hair before styling or in small amounts on freshly styled hair. This water based serum protects hair from damage due to heat styling and UVA/UVB rays and reduces frizz. You are left with soft, touchable hair that looks great from dawn until dusk. Protecting your hair when you heat style has other benefits as well. This serum can reduce the appearance of split ends and breakage. This may mean that you won't need to cut your hair as frequently, a great benefit when you are growing your hair out. It can also help keep your hair from fading and looking dull or washed out. The hair serum price for this product can be recouped through the savings that you will find. Going longer between haircuts alone will pay for this product. Plus you will have healthier, frizz-free and beautiful hair. If you aren't using a hair serum, you are unnecessarily damaging your hair.
  • Designed to protect hair against heat treatments
  • Provides fresh vibrant sheen without any unwanted oily residue
  • Specifically formulated to avoid buildup
  • Can be applied to wet hair before styling
  • Use on damp hair to reduce frizz
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