Kamisori Revolver K7 (Various Sizes) - Professional Hair Sheers, Precise Blade

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Do your wrists hurt after a long day at the salon? A new pair of shears might help. Kamisori Revolver shears give you the freedom to hold your thumb at the angle that you find most comfortable. This results in a more comfortable cutting experience. These shears are a great way to prevent wrist pain or to lessen its effects. Revolving haircut scissors like these feature a swiveling thumb ring. This moveable ring allows the stylist to adjust its position so the thumb can be held at almost any angle. Revolving shears do more than simply provide additional comfort. They make it easier to cut difficult to reach areas and provide additional leverage. Kamisori Revolver shears are a prized possession of many hairstylists and are made by a brand that is consistently preferred by top stylists. These shears are constructed from heavy duty v-10 cobalt steel. This steel has the strength needed to power through cut after cut without dulling the blade while remaining light enough for maximum comfort. They have a 20 year life as well as a lifetime warranty from Kamisori. We know you'll love these shears, so you might want to pick up the matching texturizer in a Revolver set for added savings. If you need a great pair of overall shears that work with both wet and dry hair, look no further. Kamisori Revolver scissors will protect your wrists while executing perfect cuts again and again. You will love their comfort, ease of use and stylish appearance. Plus since they are made by Kamisori you will know that you are getting award winning quality that you can count on.
V-10 Cobalt Steel
Use these professional quality shears to style, trim, and satisfy hair.
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