Kamisori Emerald Dm-1 (Various Sizes) - Professional Hair Shears, Precise Blade

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Kamisori Emerald shears for haircutting are made from Damascus steel. This special steel is composed of more than 11 layers of different high quality metals combined using a complex method. These layers stand together to create a durable base for an expertly crafted set of shears. As an added bonus, the cloud like pattern created by the layers can be seen across the body of the scissors creates a unique and beautiful appearance. Premium shears like these have no limits to the number of styles that they can execute. They can be used on wet or dry hair and are the perfect choice for many different techniques including slice, point and blunt cuts. Whether you want to create long, luscious layers or a short, structured bob, these shears are ready to tackle the challenge. Plus you'll receive an H3 styling razor to further add texture to your cuts.
Damascus Steel
Use these professional quality shears to style, trim, and satisfy hair.
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