Kamisori Cahira Swivel K-4 (Various Sizes) - Ultra Sharp Quality Hair Shears

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If you love swivel shears, or if you are looking for your first pair, Kamisori Cahira Swivel Thumb Shears are the perfect tool to add to your cutting arsenal. Swivel thumb shears adapt to the natural position of your hand by allowing you to move the thumb ring to a comfortable position. This can reduce the strain hairstyling puts on your hand. Some stylists also find that this unique scissor style allows them to cut difficult to reach areas more easily. The Kamisori Cahira Swivel combines functionality, beauty and durability into a top quality swivel handle shear that is ready to help you create stunning haircuts and top of the line styles. These shears are crafted from 440C Japanese steel. This steel is perfect for making shears. It is hard enough to avoid corrosion and stay sharp, even when used on wet hair, but still light and easy to use. The steel base is coated with a black titanium coating that further increases the durability of these great shears. They also feature a tension dial, adjustable rings, and a silencer, all in a stylish pink color.
440C Hitachi Steel
Use these professional quality shears to style, trim, and satisfy hair.
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